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Katekyo Fic: Dying Will
I figured since I started writing again, I'd contribute to the fandoms I keep going back to and love so much. Katekyo, a tribute to you. 

When that first Dying Will bullet hit Tsuna's forehead, he had accepted death. He still did so every time that orange flame lit his eyes and burst from his head.

Title: Dying Will
Words: 709

fic hereCollapse )

Sherlock Fic!!: Housekeeper John
Haven't written fic in a while, but I've been wanting to. Hardly knew what to write about, but I had the thought that Sherlock is very cute in that adorable, spoiled brat way, and my sister disagreed with me, saying she commiserated with poor John, who had to pick up after him. So, that inspired this fic. 

Title: Housekeeper, John Watson
Words: 1,540

The one where John is their housekeeper and Sherlock is himself.Collapse )

Shadow of the Colossus fanart
It's here:

Three real people art of Leon from Resident Evil 4, Reno from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, and Dante from Devil May Cry 3. Also a pic of Gaara. On deviant art.

Another Hiruma pic

Eyeshield 21 Fanart
At deviantArt:
Four fanart, penned in drawings.
Hiruma 01
Hiruma 02
Hiruma's Birthday (and Sena giving him a present)
The Devil Bats Band

A Naruto KakaIru ficlet
Read more...Collapse )A small ficcie I made...

Title: Combs
Anime: Naruto
Pairings: Kakashi/Iruka
Warnings: None

When a teacher usually issued an order, students usually obeyed. However, this rule did not seem to apply to one errant student.

“Kakashi, don’t pull so hard on it!”

The jounin teacher-turned-temporary-student‘s voice was cheerful. “It won’t come out, otherwise,” he pointed out.

Iruka sighed. “You don’t pull that hard on hair, Kakashi. You need to gently tug the comb until it’s free.”


Iruka rolled his eyes, and patiently waited for Kakashi to tug the comb out of the chuunin teacher’s tangled hair.

Kakashi attempted the suggested technique and was relieved to find that it worked. “Your brats were particularly…energetic today in training?”

“Yes, there was quite a tussle between the more outspoken students. They felt the need to prove who was better. Although a contest to see who could lead the class in a massive tackle against me wasn’t what I expected them to do.” Iruka winced as Kakashi again tugged the comb through a tangle much harder than was necessary.

“Do you know how to properly comb hair?” the chuunin demanded.

Kakashi’s voice was sheepish behind him. “Not really.”

Iruka sighed again. He really should have known, with the way the jounin’s hair looked, that Kakashi only did a thirty second brush once a day. He shouldn’t have asked him to untangle his hair.
“Kakashi--ow! Alright, enough. Give me the comb.”

“But you wanted me to comb it. And you were teaching me proper hair care.” Iruka could hear the pout in the words.

“Alright, alright,” Iruka grumbled. “Be more careful, though, or I’ll be bald by the time you’re through, with all the pulling you’re doing.”

Kakashi paused in his combing, then stopped combing altogether.

“Kakashi?” Iruka was about to turn around when he felt gentle finger untangle the mess of his hair.

Iruka closed his eyes in contentment, enjoying the way Kakashi’s fingers smoothed his hair out and caressed his scalp.

“Better?” There was a teasing note in Kakashi’s voice.


Iruka wasn’t very surprised when he was turned around into a kiss a few minutes later. Nor when it turned into something else a bit later. He was surprised though, the morning after, when Kakashi insisted on combing his hair for him.

“I thought you didn’t know how to properly comb hair.” Iruka mused.

He could hear the smile in Kakashi’s voice when he replied, “I don’t.”

So that morning, and others after that, he got a finger comb instead.



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